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Exciting battle games are not new to the virtual world. Action, social and strategy war games have taken cyberspace by storm. There is a whole load of talented people passionate to create virtual social games to the delight of millions of fans around the globe.

Social wars is not just any game. It’s a virtual war that exhorts the gamer to battle it out and fuels his need for more intense gaming action. Social Point, is a name to reckon with, in gaming cyberspace. With runaway hits like Dragon City, the new World Chef, Dragon Land, and Dragon City, to their credit, their ‘Social Wars’, is another masterpiece in social and strategy gaming.

What is ‘Social Wars’ All About?

social wars cheats no downloadWhat happens when the earth is under alien attack and you must spear head the defence strategy of the earth at such a crucial hour. That’s what social wars is all about. This is a game which has the combination of real time strategy (RTS) with city management. This is the Facebook take on virtual combat.

There are two methods of playing, a single player style and a player versus player (PvP) version which offers a mixed bag of elements. The player versus player version in this game may not be a fully convincing real time strategy game, which focuses on one type of game play, and that is combat. However, social wars integrate some of the favourite elements of RTS like virtual combat with building simulation games.

How To Play The Game?

A combination of both single player and player versus player (PvP) is readily available on a social site like Facebook. The players begin the game or their assault on the enemy, by constructing buildings, and structures like base camps and training facilities to develop their bases, then move on to gain resources and recruiting troops, while you, the player, continue to fight the enemy. There are resource veins that are scattered throughout the battlefield, which keep replenishing as and when you keep using energy to execute action in the game.

The search for resources and troops may lead you to alien troops and alien bases that have mushroomed around your own individual base. That is when the action begins! When the player sends his troops directly into the enemy camps or follow a special mission system which will send the troops to target specific invading aliens.

The special mission system is not to be mistaken for the small quest objectives. A few special missions may require you to directly transport your troops to a large enemy base which should be destroyed or send your troops to deal with a particularly powerful alien. In a PvP version, there is scope for the player to bring in fellow comrades or players into the battlefield.

In the map that comes alongside the player versus player version, the player is randomly placed with the other players on an island. The players must spy on the others and conquer them by combating with them. If you wish to gather more resources or dominate over others, the player should gather intelligence and attack other islands. You have the choice of attacking or restricting your moves against other players.

To improve your gaming strategy, which could either be defensive or offensive, you can acquire different types of structures and increase the strength and number of your troops. However, the new players must understand here that each structure has a specific utility and every troop unit comes with its own features. Every troop unit has its own pace of attack and power which determines the extent of damage that it can do. In a single player version, the individual units can raise their levels by attacking the aliens and increase their stats.  Shoot as many enemies as you can and avoid being shot.

What’s Fun In Playing It?

social wars hack no surveyIt’s not a completely real time strategy game. It has elements of structures simulation which allows the user to proceed in his adventure at his own pace. While it doesn’t have deep strategy that will wow hardcore RTS fans, it incorporates the fun elements of strategic combat with simulation games that the usual Facebook games have. Players should construct their building and structures within the necessary grid with the help of the resources which can be produced or mined.

There are several small quest objectives along the way that must be fulfilled to earn reward points. It’s easy for a new player to figure it out along the way and teaches them how the game proceeds. There are even reward points for logging into the game on consecutive days. This is easy and fun when compared to real time strategy (RTS) games which take hours to even figure out how to play properly.

Well, if this game sounds more like the other Facebook games, the combat strategies are what set the tone apart from the other titles in the same league. The RTS coordinated with city management makes this game more fun and quick-paced. The special missions are quite entertaining and can hold the user’s attention.

The features that need improvement in social wars:

There are quite a few technical snags along the way which need to be addressed to make the game more entertaining. The artificial intelligence (A.I) is too plain and simplistic. The concept of A.I needs to be crisper.

The gathering of units necessary for combat has only two choices, that is you can opt for a single unit or choose all the units. There can be some more exciting options which focus on the strategy elements too.

Social Wars, the game, the features, and strategies – A Detailed Overview:

This game on Facebook is a lot similar in concept and presentation to games like Social Empires and Army Attack. Aliens have attacked our planet Earth and it’s you who has the coveted job of defending humanity. The game’s boot camp is simple and fun which covers all the basics of gaming. The players start off with one base and go on to expand their domination with the help of troops and modern resources like rifle men and tanks. Social empires, to which this game is often compared to, uses medieval troops in the battle.

Social wars, as indicated earlier, have quests that are also known as chapters, which the player must complete successfully to get to the next level. The player can fight the alien enemies on his own in a series of ‘missions’ or he can enter gaming cyber world by fighting off other Facebook players. The alliances forged here can give players the advantage of replays.

There are various levels in the game and the structures and building simulations are different and upgraded with every increase in the levels. As your level improves, you will be given better and more modern units to improve the output and performance of your resources.

What are ‘Resources’ in Social Wars, and why do you need them?

social wars hack no downloadResources are what the players need to collect and spend, to build their structures and buildings. In this game, the players need to collect wood, oil, steel, cash, and gold. These are known as common resources and they can be amassed with the help of workers, who can be recruited from the command centre or you can even win them as you succeed in your quests or chapters after completing your goals.

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There is also the option of increasing the resources like steel, gold, wood, and oil by building your own factories. The size of the factories is determined per the level of play and larger the factory, greater the amount of resources that it can produce and more the number of workers that it can employ.

The player also earns resources by attacking and conquering enemy base camps.

Players have the option of purchasing resources for cash too.

What are ‘structures’ in this virtual game?

The term refers to buildings and constructions like houses, factories, markets, hospitals, auction houses, allies market and ally’s buildings, fields and farms, silos, or warehouses, a recon centre, research lab and many more.

Structures like factories, fields and farms provide resources. The silos are structures where the resources are stored. The allies’ buildings and markets provide the player with special units. The recon centre is the strategic place for providing artificial intelligence and the markets are where resources can be sold and purchased. Auction houses allow the bidding for powerful units.

The structures in ‘social wars’ help in making use of existing units to produce new ones. Also, hospitals are included here to cure injured troops and retrieve lost ones in the battlefield. The presence of houses, hospitals, markets all give a city management feel to the game making it close to reality.

What is meant by a combat unit?

If you are fighting a war, even if it’s virtual, you need to have an efficient army. The various army units deployed vary with the levels in gaming and strategies planned.

‘Social wars’ allows the players to recruit a large number of units and train them These are known as combat units and they can be unlocked at different levels of gaming. The higher the level, the greater is the unit specialisation.

The various combat units comprise of soldiers, bazookas, vehicles like machine gun jeeps and tanks, helicopters, and aircrafts. The structures needed to house them are soldier and tank academies, jeep garage, helicopter, and aircraft hangars etc.,

The ground troops and bazookas can be recruited from their respective academies.Bazookas are part of the basic unit’s team in social wars because of their attacking power and far range capabilities. For the close range, there are the melees, which are a tad bit expensive.

Mechs which are strong and rare, bots which have less strength, dragons that are very strong, rare, and expensive can be acquired with higher levels of progression into the game. Apart from the mechs and bots there are the drones which are min aircrafts that shoot with lasers and very effective. It is quite difficult to obtain them.

The special units include the anti-aircraft garage and battery unit, the stealth fighters, the flamethrowers, the firemen, engineers, and medics. The healers do not fight. But, they are required to heal your injured troops and save your population.

Then there is the higher level of strategy which includes planning for a siege. The advanced units that come to aid at this point are the mortar academy and demolition tank academy which sends out mortar throwers and demolition tanks.

Strategies and Tips:

This virtual war can be conquered only if you know ‘how’ to use your troops and resources effectively. Strategies and virtual combat is what make ‘social wars’ fun to play and creates a nexus between RTS and building simulation games.

Strategy is knowing how to fight and where and when you should deploy the units to bring about maximum damage to the enemy camp. If you do not know how and when to use your combat units, you may end up losing more than you gain.

Strategies in social wars include swarming with the help of ground troops, division of the troops to attack in waves and then the very effective air combat. An important strategy often used by seasoned gamers is to divert the enemy forces away from the target that they have been protecting.

An important tip to winning this virtual war is to develop your own strategy and style. As the game progresses, understand what is apt and required and follow your instincts.

Cheat Social Wars Hack Tool Online – Conclusion

Social wars, has all that it takes to enjoy a fun and relatively easy yet strategic virtual gaming experience. Virtual warfare never seems to go out of style and this is one such game. This game isn’t too hard or too simple either. There are a lot of aspects and features to the game. One needs to just carefully follow the social wars games guide that appears with every increase in the level to progress and emerge victorious.

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